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With more Sunday hunting opportunities en route, additional days available for hunters to fill out their antlerless deer tags, and the largest elk permit assignment to date, the 2021-22 season is what hunters from Pennsylvania are eagerly awaiting.

And they won’t have to wait long.

Hunting and furtaker licenses for 2021-2022 will go on sale Monday June 14 and the new license year begins July 1.

General hunting licenses and furtaker licenses each cost $ 20.97 for residents of Pennsylvania and $ 101.97 for non-residents.

Senior resident hunters and furtakers aged 65 and over can purchase one-year licenses for $ 13.97 or lifetime licenses for $ 51.97. For $ 101.97, senior residents can purchase combined lifetime licenses that offer them hunting and hunting privileges.

Like other hunters and trappers, elders still need to purchase bear licenses to chase drizzle and obtain licenses to harvest bobcats, anglers, or river otters. Hunters who acquired their senior life license after May 13, 2017 are required to obtain an annual pheasant hunting license to hunt or harvest pheasants.

A full list of licensing requirements can be found at

Once again this year, an additional hunt will be offered on three Sundays – Sunday, November 14; Sunday November 21; and Sunday November 28. But unlike last year, when those Sundays were only open for deer or bear hunting, this year they are open to other species that are also in season, except turkeys and bears. migratory birds considered as game. A comprehensive guide to Sunday hunting is included in the Pennsylvania Hunting & Trapping Digest 2021-22 issued to all permit buyers.

Pennsylvania elk hunters in 2021-2022 will also be in attendance in record numbers. The 187 licenses available represent an increase over the 164 granted the previous year. A record 56 of the 2021-22 licenses are for bulls. And the end of the January season, which in its first two years was only open to antlerless elk hunting, will also be open to bull hunting in 2022. Ten of the 49 permits to be issued for the end of season from January 1 to 8 concern bulls.

The end of the January season is one of the three elk seasons. There are 14 antler and 15 antler licenses available for the elk-only archery season, which runs from September 11 to 25, when the bulls are in heat. There are 32 antler licenses and 77 antlerless licenses available for the general six-day elk season, which runs from November 1-6.

Licenses are awarded by drawing lots. License applications can be submitted online or through any licensing agent. A separate request, at a cost of $ 11.97, is required for each season. Hunters wishing to apply for all three pay $ 35.91. In each draw, season-specific bonus points are awarded to those that are not drawn.

The deadline to apply for an elk license is July 31.

Many hunters who regularly buy their licenses from the start of sales are motivated by obtaining a license from the Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP), which are available in limited numbers and allow holders to harvest antlerless deer to any established deer season.

Buying early also helps ensure hunters don’t miss the opportunity to apply for an antlerless deer license.

A resident Pennsylvanian who purchases his 2021-2022 hunting license is eligible to apply for an antlerless deer license on July 12. Non-residents can apply on July 19. And a second round in which a hunter can receive a second antlerless deer license begins August 2 for wildlife. Management units where the licenses remain. And if there are still licenses left, a final round will begin on August 16.

It is more important than ever this year for hunters to submit their antlerless deer license applications on time. A total of 925,000 antlerless deer permits are available, up from 932,000 last year. Hunters statewide now have the option of applying for and receiving additional antlerless deer licenses, as long as the licenses remain available, and provided a hunter does not hold more than six unfulfilled antlerless licenses at that time. And the return of simultaneous deer hunting with and without antlers over the span of gun season gives hunters across much of the state more time to complete their tags.

Further details are provided in the Hunting & Trapping Digest.

Hunting permits can be purchased online at, a recently launched user-friendly licensing platform. Simply create an account or log into the one you created earlier to purchase all the licenses you need. A map to locate a licensing agent near you can be found on the Licenses and Permits page at

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