Hunter X Hunter: 10 times Gon acted like an adult

Gon Freecss is Hunter X Hunterand usually shares the screen with at least one of his best friends: Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio. Gon is only 11 years old when he is first introduced. Like any boy his age, he enjoys having food fights with Killua and is a bit naive when it comes to trusting new people.

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But even at age 11, Gon has shown to be wise beyond his years. Being an adult doesn’t just mean being responsible, safe or calm, it also means dealing with matters beyond one’s reach. Gon is forced to deal with grief, selflessness, forgiveness, and more during his time on screen, and viewers find themselves enamored with his journey.

ten Gon took care of seasick passengers

Gon Freecss on the boat with Kurapika and Leorio, Hunter X Hunter

Gon’s maturity begins almost immediately. When Gon, Leorio, and Kurapika find themselves on a boat heading for the Hunter Exam, all of the other passengers besides them are seasick, with most of them unable to move or function.

Kurapika and Leorio, who are both older than Gon, use the time to argue while Gon immediately attends to those who are sick. He runs around to take care of as many of them as possible, earning the captain’s respect.

9 Gon’s Hunter Exam Concentration

Gon attempts to return Hisoka's Hunter X Hunter badge

The Hunter Exam was more than just a test for Gon, it was his ticket to begin his search for his father, a famous hunter named Ging Freecss. Gon had fun throughout the exam, but focused when needed.

Outwitting the prisoners in the Trick Tower phase, carefully strategizing against Hisoka despite his fear and reluctance to submit to Hanzo in the final round, conveyed Gon’s determination. When Gon is focused on a task, childlike innocence won’t get in his way.

8 Gon confronted the Zoldyck Family

Gon and Killua reunite

The Zoldycks are feared assassins in Hunter X Hunterbut that doesn’t stop Gon from training for 20 days to open their test gate to confront them at Killua’s location.

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Fortunately, he avoids confrontation with Killua’s family, but Gon’s determination to check on his friend’s well-being is incredibly mature. Gon isn’t there to convince Killua to leave, as he already knows his friend and his intentions – he just wants Killua to be safe.

7 Gon teams up with Hisoka on Greed Island

Gon and Killua work with Hisoka, Hunter X Hunter

The Greed Island arc brought Gon closer to finding his father and new challenges. Gon and Killua had to work with their most formidable enemy so far, Hisoka.

Although Hisoka never seriously hurt the boys, he wanted Gon to reach his maximum potential before fighting him, which Gon was told about long before they were to work together. Gon is not only willing to set aside Hisoka’s intentions, but also their previous encounters to achieve his goals.

6 When Gon lost the kite

Kite Giving Gon Ging's Hunter License, Hunter X Hunter

Arguably Gon’s most upsetting moment comes at the start of the Chimera Ant arc when he loses his new mentor Kite – his father’s close friend. To save Gon and Killua’s lives, Kite faces Neferpitou alone, only to meet a horrific fate.

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Gon is not calm, collected, or rational in this situation. When he discovers Kite’s fate, he is consumed with rage. He swears revenge and seemingly falls out of character. But that moment wasn’t out of place for Gon, he’s lost the childlike innocence he clung to, and it’s the first moment in the series where he’s truly forced into adulthood.

5 Gon used Neferpitou’s loyalty against them

Neferpitou looks at Gon, Hunter X Hunter

After Kite’s death, Gon understood and used Neferpitou’s loyalty to Meruem against them, showing the darker side of his maturity even in a moment of extreme distress.

Gon wanted nothing more than to get Kite’s help, but even in that brief moment he begins to strategize and use Meruem’s love for Komugi against Neferpitou. Threatening to fight Neferpitou immediately, which would seal Komugi’s fate, Gon takes advantage of the fact that Neferpitou must try to heal Kite if they want Komugi to live.

4 When Gon fights Neferpitou

Gon in his final form, Hunter X Hunter

When Neferpitou accedes to Gon’s request, they are unable to heal Kite. Then, when the Royal Guard healed themselves to prepare to kill Gon, Gon tapped into his true power. Transforming into an adult version of himself, he sacrificed his life to kill Neferpitou even though Killua begged him to stop.

Gon renounced everything childish about him. His innocence, selflessness, and naivety are gone in the blink of an eye – all that’s left is someone who seems to have been hardened by the world. It’s one of the saddest moments in the series because of what Gon loses.

3 Gon’s relationship with Kite

Gon and Kite reunite, Hunter X Hunter

After Gon was healed by Alluka, he discovered that even though Kite’s original body had been destroyed, they were living in a different form. Kite is now a woman and Gon finds her to apologize for not being able to save her.

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During their reunion, they promise to grow stronger and fight side by side as equals, rather than it being Kite’s responsibility to protect Gon or Gon’s responsibility to avenge Kite. They enter a new era as partners, and Gon is no longer seen as the child of their duo.

2 When Gon leaves Killua and Alluka

A photo of Killua, Alluka and Gon at the end of Hunter X Hunter

To save Gon’s life, Killua had to rescue his younger sister Alluka from her family while Gon was still in a coma. This meant that when Gon woke up, the world around him had changed, and his best friend now had a new responsibility. Killua could no longer follow Gon to the end of the world, and they separated at the end of the series.

Leaving the person who had been there for him throughout his journey was brave, mature and selfless. The two boys both showed their immense growth in this scene, and viewers were touched by the unbreakable bonds of their friendship.

1 When Gon finally meets his father

Gon gives Ging back his hunter license, Hunter X Hunter

When Gon sees his father for the first time, he bursts into tears, not because he missed him, but because he felt guilty for Kite’s death. However, the timing is not about their reunion, and they soon break up again as they both realize that Gon has other responsibilities he needs to take care of before speaking with Ging.

Their first real meeting at the World Tree is full of mutual respect. Gon finished his journey, and Ging suggested he take his time and explore the world. Gon is no longer a young boy desperate for his father – he is a confident, confident and skilled hunter who will one day surpass his father in skill.

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