How to find land for hunting, homesteading, or eavesdropping

Morgan Snape 01.31.22

How to find land for hunting, homesteading, or eavesdropping

Are you looking for land as a hunting property, a possible homestead or perhaps just a getaway property in case SHTF?

You’re not alone!

I don’t have exact stats on how many new people have bought the property, but if you’ve been property hunting or paying attention to real estate lately; the property is so hot right now.

In 2020, when the pandemic hit, more people realized they wanted their own turf to be theirs and started to shift their priorities.

In states like Texas where everything is privately owned, it’s almost a priority to have your own property or know someone who does to make hunting a little easier.

Anyway, the one thing they don’t do more of is land.

If you are able to invest in land, I highly recommend that you do. It’s a tough asset and something you’ll be grateful to have, no matter your reasons.

Here’s how to find your own land:

Where to look?

Where do you even find the earth? We have always searched for properties online. We very rarely went through real estate agents. In our experience, real estate agents have not been very eager to show land properties. In fact, many estate agents have never even been to the property they are selling, especially if it is very rural.

Look online, research property specifications (like how many acres you want and location) and start educating yourself. If you find a realtor you like and they’re willing to help you find other properties, great. Otherwise, contact the agent listed online.

Conventional or proprietary financing?

Are you able to use conventional, cash or proprietary financing? This could change which properties you can afford or not. Know that it doesn’t matter whether you’re making conventional or owner-financed purchases, they’re going to need cash. We were able to negotiate our down payment with owner financed properties, conventional financing may not be as flexible. However, it all depends on what you are ready and able to do.

Does he have an HOA?

I think this is always our number 1 question we ask, is this part of an HOA? You’d be surprised how many lots are part of an HOA. If you are not looking to have your property reviewed at all times with arbitrary rules or what you can or cannot do about it, then I would advise against an HOA.

Are there any act restrictions?

There may be deed restrictions such as, you cannot live in a mobile home on the property. We bought a property that had this exact deed restriction, and we didn’t think it was a big deal at the time. But we couldn’t even live in a mobile home or an RV while we were building our house. We had to build the house and live off the property. It became a huge burden for us and a hard lesson learned when we finally sold the property.

I now pass this lesson on to you. Get to know any act restrictions there might be.

How deep is the well?

Whether the property already has a well or needs to be drilled, I would call a local drilling company to find out about the area. They will have a good idea of ​​the current area and depths of the wells. This is extremely important to know for desert areas in particular as each area will be different.

If there is no well or if you cannot get a well right away, are you willing to carry water? Where can I get water nearby?

What are the county and city laws?

If the property has no issues, are there any county or city laws? Some places may not allow you to shoot within certain limits, maybe there is no hunting, these things exist. So look at the local city and county laws. Truly rural parts probably won’t have one. many of these issues, but it’s good to check anyway.

Are mineral rights important to you?

I think getting mineral rights to a property these days is going to be very difficult unless the property has never been tested or there has never been interest in mineral rights for the property . Find out about mineral rights if it’s important to you and see if anyone owns them or what you should do to get the mineral rights.

How far is too far?

When looking for a property, be honest with yourself about how far your property is from a major city. Do you want to be close to hospitals? Do you still need to be close to a city for your work? Do you want to be close to town just because you don’t want to drive 2 hours to get groceries?

There is no right or wrong answer, look for a property that is within reasonable distance of a small or large town depending on your needs or desires.

Do you need electricity?

If the property is virgin land, not even a power hookup, are you ready to be off the grid? If you want electricity, find out how much it will cost to install a line to your new property.

There is no perfect property

After all these considerations, I want you to keep one last thing in mind: no property is perfect. You want to mark as many things as possible on your wish list, but you may find yourself searching a long time trying to find the perfect piece.

Saying that, don’t rush either. Be sure to mark at least some priorities that matter to you. Such as area, electricity, water, housing, restrictions, etc.

Trust me and don’t rush into something just because you desperately want dirt. Find something that you really feel at home in. Visit it if you can, if you can’t ask the real estate agent to visit you and deal with you or even a friend.

Enjoy the process and good luck finding land that is yours!

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