How New Defender Azami Could Shake Up The Meta

Kana “Azami” Fujiwara is the newest Operator to join Rainbow Six Siege’s growing lineup, and she brings an exciting new mechanic for Defenders.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is gearing up to enter its seventh year, and the final season, titled “Demon Veil,” is kicking off with a bang. Due for their arrival in early March, players should expect many exciting changes to the game, including Attacker Re-pick, Team Deathmatch, and an all-new Defender, Azami. Based on the Japanese bodyguards, Azami will bring an essential mechanic to the defender’s side.

Since the game was released in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege has seen its fair share of interesting characters and unique gadgets, but none are as game-changing as Azami’s. In the current state of the game, players can destroy walls and create holes in breakable surfaces, but cannot repair certain areas. With the introduction of his Kiba Barriers, modified kunai knives that stick to a surface and release a circular bulletproof barrier, Azami is set to change that.

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Who is Kana “Azami” Fujiwara from Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege Azami demon veil background

Raised in Kyoto, Japan, Azami mixes the traditional with the ultra-modern. The personality of the new operator is well represented through its design, which features both traditional Japanese motifs and modern technology. Based around Japanese bodyguards, Kana Fujiwara is an expectation in defense, so it’s no surprise that she joins the roster of defenders. Her ability to patch holes and cover walls, floors, and ceilings is long overdue, and she’s sure to be a crucial pick for defenders when she’s released.

Although his barriers are bulletproof, they are not indestructible. Enemy players can look to destroy his Kiba barriers with explosives or melee strikes, making Ash, Flores, and Zofia excellent counter picks against Azami. However, she should excel in countering attackers such as Hibana, Thermite, and Ace, which usually cause chaos among defenders. Azami is also a key counter to Operators such as Sledge and Buck, who are known for their ability to attack vertically.

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How to Get the Most Out of Azami’s Kiba Barriers

Armed with the D-50 Desert Eagle as a secondary weapon, players will have two primary weapon options to choose from, including the 9x19SVN submachine gun for mid-range gunfights or the ACS12 shotgun for close combat. With his trusty modified kunai knives at his side, Azami acts as a fantastic anchor, able to easily hold points and block entrances. In the game, players should look to get creative with his kit and make the most of Azami’s architectural abilities.

Bring impact grenades to shape the environment and get the upper hand on your opponents by creating strong angles for your teammates, then offer them protection with Azami’s bulletproof Kiba barriers. Alternatively, the character also excels at closing off areas and routing targets towards her with her Kiba barriers and barbed wire. A simple method for Azami’s ability can be to block the attacker’s strong angles with his barriers and force the opposition to seek new paths to the goal and to your waiting teammates.

While Azami’s kunai knives might look a bit far-fetched and deviate from the more realistic style of Rainbow Six Siege, it’s great to see more exciting and creative abilities added to the game. Kiba’s futuristic barriers should prove to be a fantastic tool for defenders and a creative powerhouse that adds some interesting variables to matches. Unique and dynamic, players can look to reclaim Kana “Azami” Fujiwara with the release of “Operation Demon Veil” soon.

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