Heroes Reborn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Hunt Marvel’s Green Lantern

As the cosmic side of the reality of Heroes Reborn is drastically altered, the Guardians of the Galaxy have a new mission against the Supreme Squadron.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Heroes Reborn # 4, by Jason Aaron, James Stokoe Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales, Matthew Wilson and Cory Petit of VC, on sale now.

As the Supreme of America squadron rules the altered Marvel Universe Hero Reborn, they are far from beloved characters in the cosmos as they crush all opposition with swift and bloody action. And as the Supreme Squadron expands its proficiency from Earth, its roster of enemies continues to grow, with two classic alien empires putting aside their differences to enlist a familiar set of heroes to bring down the one of the most powerful members of the squadron,

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As revealed in Hero Reborn # 4, Rocket Raccoon and Groot of the Guardians of the Galaxy, hired to kill the cosmic superhero Doctor Spectrum.

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Rocket Racoon Groot Heroes Reborn

While the Supreme Squadron still focuses primarily on its efforts to keep the peace and create the world on Earth, several of its members have expanded their activities as a result. Hyperion single-handedly killed Galactus and boasted of denouncing the brood, imprisoning the Brood Queen along with other opponents in the Negative Zone. Doctor Spectrum’s interstellar antics are so bad, including seemingly blinding Observer Uatu to prevent him from foreseeing what is to come, that Uatu summons a coalition of alien races to pool their resources against him. Seeing an uncontrolled Spectrum as a mutually devastating threat, the Kree and Skrull Empires agree to suspend their long-standing hostilities to hire Rocket Raccoon and Groot to kill Spectrum.

Doctor Spectrum has always been a thinly veiled analogue of DC’s Green Lantern, much like the Squadron Supreme as a whole has been a Justice League analogue. Colonel Joseph Ledger was an astronaut who discovered a strange alien artifact during a spacewalk known as the Power Prism. Originally a Skrull warrior named Krimonn, the Skrull was transformed into a living prism as punishment after a failed attempt to overthrow the Emperor and sent into deep space. Wielding the Power Prism, Ledger created the superhero moniker Doctor Spectrum, the device giving him control over light, including the ability to create hard light constructs, making him one of the most powerful members of the supreme squadron.

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Rocket Racoon Starbrand

In the Hero Reborn In reality, the only members of the Guardians of the Galaxy – at least revealed so far – are Rocket and Groot, maintaining their close friendship even with all the big changes to the Marvel Universe. Without their usual Guardians or the Starjammers to back them up, Rocket and Groot are both considerably worse for wear than their main counterparts in the Marvel Universe. Rocket is missing an eye and his right arm, sporting an eye patch and cybernetic limb, and Groot is not the towering tree but has merged with Rocket’s pistol while retaining his sensitivity. Despite the overwhelming odds, Rocket and Groot accept the task of removing Spectrum for the right price.

For all the changes to the Marvel Universe in Hero Reborn, Rocket and Groot have largely remained the same, albeit more grizzled and without their usual companions, even as they continue to take dangerous bounties across the cosmos. And while all the disparate figures in the universe with a common goal of killing Doctor Spectrum, Rocket Raccoon and Groot quickly discover that this unified support is nowhere near enough to level the playing field as the cosmic squadron member supreme puts all of its attention on both. with horrific results for the wayward Guardians of the Galaxy.

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