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CADIZ – The Harrison Coal and Reclamation Historical Park hopes to move forward with a partnership with the Military History Preservation Group and its purchase of land in Harrison County; however, talks have stalled with the owner of the land.

Bryan Coulson, president of the Harrison Coal and Reclamation Historical Park, met with the Harrison County Board of Commissioners Wednesday morning to ask for their support for the project.

“At the moment we are still in discussion, but the main point right now is that the property they are looking at on this map is owned by CNX,” Coulson said. “They were really communicating with us. I don’t know how communications have slowed down a bit with them, but they are still trying to get things done.

“I hope to get support from you, maybe communication between CNX and other support”, he continued, adding that he hoped the additional support from elected officials could strengthen discussions with the company.

Coulson said they are looking to partner with the military group to build a living history center and museum, if the two entities are able to purchase the 1,400 acres of land located in Flushing. The property spans Belmont and Harrison counties. The company that owns the property, CNX Resources, is selling the land for $2.3 million, but has previously said it would be willing to take $1.8 million.

Coulson said buying the land and building the new facilities would be a big attraction for the area.

“There are a number of tourism aspects to the area, particularly with the military elements and some elements that we could add,” he said.

He said the MHPG believes the land in Flushing would be an ideal location for the project as the land is both “flat and hilly” which is optimal for their reenactments.

A meeting took place between the two groups at the end of January. Coulson said they plan to meet again in April and suggested local officials could attend the meeting to get more information about their plans. He said they hoped that by having time between meetings they could gain the support of elected officials and get them involved as well.

“It could be good tourism and a great attraction,” he repeated. “I know someone at the Carroll County Board of Elections and he said this would be important. He said hotels would be filled 30 miles away for some of the events that would take place if that happened.

The commissioners asked Coulson to stay after the meeting to discuss the project further.

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