Harley Quinn healed her comedic (but sympathetic) love triangle

The following contains spoilers for the first three episodes of Harley Quinn Season 3, now available on HBO Max.

In season 2 of harley quinn, it was hard not to sympathize with Kite Man. Even though he was a clumsy jerk, he really intended to make Poison Ivy the happiest woman alive. Unfortunately, Ivy left him at the altar, leaving with Harley to start a new romance, capping off a comedic but sympathetic love triangle.

It made Ivy look a bit selfish, but luckily the love she shared with Harley was quite strong. It felt like they were truly soul mates meant to be together in the first place, leaving fans wondering if there would be any drama to come with a broken Kite Man still in Gotham. Luckily, at the start of Season 3, that trifecta was finally healed, allowing everyone the closure they deserved.

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It came in Episode 3, “The 83rd Annual Villy Awards”, where Harley and Ivy were up for Best Villain Couple. Harley intended to win because when she and Joker had won in the past, the clown hogged the limelight. This time, Harley felt confident taking it on with the right person, making up for all the times she got screwed over.

The problem was that Ivy wasn’t in the spotlight. She suffered from social anxiety, and she was busy trying to find a serum to terraform Gotham and make plant life rise up and claim the city. Still, she continued, knowing how much it meant to Harley, only for them to be placed next to Kite Man. He was quite nervous, admitting that he had found a new love that was overdue.

Ivy finally left the awkward situation, sitting on the bench outside, only to have a woman snuggle up right next to her. They discussed love and life, with Ivy realizing she was actually Kite Man’s girlfriend. It was a sigh of relief because it meant Kite Man wasn’t making it up, and he had indeed moved on.

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Lisa (aka the Golden Glider) admitted she didn’t want to go to the table, but as they talked they began to appreciate what a selfless gem Kite Man was. This inspired Ivy to be there for Harley, with Golden Glider wanting to return the favor to Kite Man as well. In Ivy’s case, Harley was there for her through thick and thin and really set her free, mentally and physically. As such, she returned, only for Harley to tell her they could get away.

Ironically, Harley and Kite Man had a conversation, where he talked about letting go of the past, especially if it contained a lot of pain and trauma. In the end, Harley realized she was maliciously holding on to this prize, so she and Ivy left, not bothering to stay and claim the trophy they shockingly won. It was bittersweet because they deserved to show other villains what true love meant, but it also fit their brand of rebels who no longer cared what people thought.

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