Gray Poupon unveils a white wine with mustard

Thanks to a successful marketing campaign, the name Gray Poupon is still synonymous with class for many Americans. Now the brand, known for Dijon mustard, is using its reputation for fancy to sell another famous French product. As Nerdist reports, La Moutarde Vin concentrates the flavors of the famous condiment of Gray Poupon in a bottle of white wine.

If you know the ingredients of Gray Poupon, the novelty drink makes sense. The brand’s Dijon mustard is made with wine to mimic the verjuice (the sour juice of unripe grapes) originally used to flavor Dijon mustard centuries ago. The same mustard seeds that go into making Gray Poupon are infused into La Moutarde Vin, making it the perfect drink to sip with your sandwich.

According to the brand, the new wine features “lively notes of spice, pronounced citrus and floral characteristics balanced by vibrant acidity.” Gray Poupon recommends uncorking the wine with a leisurely lunch.

If you don’t know what to pair it with, they have a few suggestions for your menu. Recipes of classic croque monsieur, honey fondant and dijon, maple glazed salmon from Dijon and chicken with mushrooms in a Dijon wine sauce, all made with Gray Poupon mustard, of course, are included. available on the product website. Each bottle of wine comes with a complimentary jar of mustard, so you have no excuse not to cook up a beverage-worthy feast.

Limited-edition 750 milliliter bottles of La Moutarde Vin are on sale for $ 30, but stocks are limited. Hopefully Kraft Heinz, the maker of Gray Poupon, draws the line in mustard. Ketchup flavored wine is not something the world is ready to see.

[h/t Nerdist]

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