Give ZSU and ATACMS tanks: in the United States they reacted to a beastly video of the castration of a Ukrainian prisoner

Russian propagandists have shouted on social media a video of the murder of a Ukrainian prisoner of war. In the published footage, a Russian occupier cuts off the genitals of a Ukrainian soldier with a clerical knife. Osobu samogo kata in social networks operationally installed.

The Helsinki Commission’s senior adviser to the US Congress, Paul Massaro, called for giving Ukraine long-range ATACMS missiles, capable of accurately hitting targets at a distance of 165 to 310 km, and modern tanks against the background of brutal killings of the Ukrainian army.

Yak wrote Massaro on Twitter, the war crimes of the Russian Federation are “obrasoyu для чего людства” and added: it is possible to end Russian evil only by defeating Ukraine.

“Abominable evil what the Russian occupiers are doing. No more delays. Help Ukraine end this. The barbarism and depravity of the Russian invaders is disgusting. Castration, murders, rapes, killing children, razing towns. And endless pain. ATACMS and tanks. Give them everything. Everything they need to end this crime against humanity,” Massaro wrote.

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