Fans rave about Chris Pine in “All The Other Knives”

Spy thriller that would make George Smiley smile.

Amazon Prime’s Latest Movie, All the old knives, is a spy thriller, unlike any James Bond film. There are no sci-fi gadgets, fast and expensive cars or daring girls. What he has is a bunch of deceitful spies, one of whom is probably a mole who caused terrible tragedy.

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Eight years after a plane hijacking in Vienna ends in disaster, CIA agent Henry Pelham (Chris Pine) is tasked by his boss, Vick Wallinger (Laurence Fishburne), with uncovering the truth. to appease the Austrian government.

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Pelham begins interviewing former colleagues, who also include his former flame (Thandiwe Newton), in order to smoke the mole.

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Let’s see what the reactions are:


When a spy movie creates a very different surprise:

I just finished watching this, All The Old Knives. I didn’t expect this thriller to become the saddest romantic movie ever, like super sad at the end of the movie. It’s a slow burn thriller but the ending OMG that’s fucking sad 😭😭. I almost cried okay.

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It’s a drama so strong that we forget the espionage part.

ALL THE OLD KNIVES – Average feel and spy atmosphere, but I quite like the Pine and Newton dynamic, honestly in some ways the overall mystery itself was less interesting and I found the interpersonal dynamic more compelling .

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There is a clear disagreement with some critics.

I don’t know what some of the reviews were talking about, but #alltheoldknives was perfection. it followed the book so closely in places and there were even new twists that caught me off guard. easily a five star movie.

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Some felt betrayed by the film as the spy element was apparently missing.

I was hoping for a Le Carré-sque movie. Could have settled for a Graham Greene.. But it turned out to be Mills &; Boone.. #AllTheOldKnives

Twitter: @_sharadsingh


It seems like Chris Pine was one of the main reasons people chose to watch this.

My God, Chris Pine is getting thinner and thinner every time I see him. I watched 2/3 of All the Old Knives and was richly rewarded.

Twitter: @misskyokom


High praise for Thandiwe Newton.

#AllTheOldKnives – As a throwback to the mostly dormant spy thriller genre, it relies heavily on strong plot twists and the magnetic screen presence, charisma and chemistry of its leads. Thandiwe Newton is “should have been an Oscar contender” brilliantly.

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But then there are those who can’t get enough of Chris Pine and watch him again.

Review All The Old Knives, because, you know, Chris Pine 🥰🥰 #AllTheOldKnives #ChrisPine

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