Explore the “why” behind the ghost hunt

FOWLER, Ind. (WLFI) – A 2019 poll found that 46% of Americans believe in ghosts.

This number is increasing with more and more paranormal broadcasts becoming mainstream.

Ghostbusters work with science to prove or disprove what they find.

Using tools such as cameras, audio recording devices, and electronic field measuring devices, investigators can examine the environment to find an answer.

Most of the time people are answering the question of what something could be.

Dwight Snethen with My Haunted Fowler discussed how sometimes it is about the possibility that something is there, not the warranty.

“I think for myself, I don’t always believe in something, but I believe it’s possible,” Snethen told News 18. “When you think of Bigfoot, for example, part of it is either they really have lived, and they I learned to hide, or the stories were told, and the tradition is there. “

Snethen also told News 18 that you don’t need fancy equipment to be a paranormal investigator.

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