Enchanting New Hampshire bathroom at Portsmouth Music Hall

When I think of the Music Hall in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, only one thing comes to mind: the bathroom.

No, I’m not talking about the policy of staying in your place until the whole act is done. I’m literally talking about the toilets there.

Coming in second place in a national competition for “America’s Best Restroom” in 2015, according to bestrestroom.comthere is a very good reason why the bathroom gets the hype I give.

With ACM and CMA Female Artist of the Year Carly Pearce coming to Music Hall on Friday, March 18, 2022, I knew I would get another look at the enchanted bathrooms that have been in my memory since I saw them. for the last time on New Year’s Eve.

Now, saying the word “enchanted” or “magical” doesn’t do it justice. The truth is, you have to visit these bathrooms to get the full effect. With the help of my colleague, I was able to capture what the facilities look like, but feeling the texture of the brick or walking along the light path on the ground will change your view of the whole village.

This is what it looks like to enter the toilet. It’s really easy to walk 4-5 steps and not realize you’re in some sort of medieval time warp. After all, you’re just going to the bathroom

Once you look up, especially after a drink or two, you immediately wonder, “Is this the bathroom?” and “Is this REALLY the bathroom?”

Yes. Yes it is.

Ginny Rodgers, Townsquare Media

The stalls look a bit like a private dungeon. In the right direction. Privacy is nice – people are too focused on the fairy tale around them to care about your business anyway.

Ginny Rodgers, Townsquare Media

Ginny Rodgers, Townsquare Media

As you head into the final step of any bathroom experience, washing your hands, you realize how smart and well-designed the installation is.

Ginny Rodgers, Townsquare Media

Ginny Rogers, Townsquare Media

A shared sink maximizes space and allows conversation to flow naturally. Most start like this: “I can’t believe these bathrooms…”

Ginny Rodgers, Townsquare Media

Ginny Rodgers, Townsquare Media

Apparently the ladies room has a large velvet sofa inside theirs…not sure why. Long queues? secret chat?

Elegant all the same.

If you’ve been there, you’ll understand – those bathrooms are something else. Visit them and let me know your impressions.

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