Dungeon Defenders 2 patch 2.09 notes; Drops for Mercenary Patch

Trendy Entertainment has released Dungeon Defenders 2 update 2.09 called the “Mercenary” patch, and it brings the Mercenary hero, along with new skins, gameplay changes and more. Check out the official patch notes below.

Dungeon Defenders 2 patch 2.09 patch notes | Dungeon Defenders 2 Mercenaries patch notes:

New Hero: Mercenary


  • Knife Fan – Quickly spin in place, throwing knives in all directions, dealing damage to anyone nearby.
  • Dagger Throw – Launch a line of poisoned daggers at your enemies!
  • Combat Readiness – Focuses on the battle ahead, giving combat advantage by increasing movement speed and damage.
  • Quick Strikes – Unleash a spinning motion in the direction you’re facing, dealing massive damage to any enemy unlucky enough to get in the way.


  • Blockade of the Royal Guard – Blocks enemies, attacks with its shield dealing physical damage.
  • Nether Spider Spawner – Spawns multiple spiders that run towards enemies and explode, dealing physical damage and weakening enemy attacks.
  • Nether Archer Tower – Fires bolts of dark energy that bounce between enemies, dealing less damage after each bounce.
  • Elven Artillery Cannon – Fires a ball of chaotic energy that deals area-of-effect storm damage.

Mercenary Hero Shards

  • Knife Club – Increases Fan of Knives damage by x%.
  • Reinforced Throw – Increases damage of Dagger Throw by x%.
  • Sharp Thought – increases the damage bonus of Combat Readiness by x%.
  • Tracking – Increases damage from quick strikes by x%.
  • Backstroke – Primary attacks that hit enemies from behind now deal x% of their total damage.
  • Escape Artist – Reduces the deactivation time of effects you hold by x%.
  • Poisonous Blades – Combat Readiness now applies poison to your blades for 5 seconds, causing you to deal x% additional damage as Poison damage on melee attacks.
  • Explosive Blades – Daggers thrown by Dagger Throw no longer pierce. Daggers now stick to the target and explode after 3 seconds for x% power.
  • Persistent Poison – Daggers thrown by Dagger Throw now poison the target for x% power for y seconds.
  • Shadow Prince – Taking damage ax% chance to cause you to take y% less damage and stun attackers for z seconds over time.
  • Momentum – Enemies hit by abilities reduce the cooldown of the Quick Strikes ability by x seconds with each hit.
  • Binding Roots – Your ability to slam ax% chance to stun enemies for 0.5 seconds, then dock in place for 4.5 seconds.
  • Bounty – Restores x mana after defeating an enemy.
  • Frenzy – Primary attacks have a% ax to increase attack speed by y% for 5 seconds. Can only fire every 7 seconds.

Mercenary Tower Shards

  • Earth Guard – Imbues the Royal Guard’s shield with earth magic that has a% chance to deal damage to trigger a fissure, dealing y% of your turn’s health as earth damage.
  • Plated Armor – Imbues Royal Guard armor, allowing enemy projectiles to deal x% of their original damage.
  • Phantom Arrows – Nether Archer’s arrows can now bounce x additional times.
  • Dreadful Curse – Nether Archer’s arrows now move enemies at x% speed for y seconds.
  • Icy Spiders – Void Spiders have an ax% chance to spawn a pool of ice on the ground that causes all nearby enemies to move at y% speed for 5 seconds. Ice pools last 10 seconds.
  • Explosive Spiders – Nether spiders explosion radius is x% greater.
  • Overload – Increases the damage radius of Elven Artillery Cannon projectiles by x% and reduces damage decrease by y%.
  • Critical Allocation – Increases Elven Artillery Cannon Defense Critical Damage by x% and Critical Chance by y%, but reduces Tower Range by 25%.

Mercenary mods

  • Mark of the Mercenary – Fan of Knives now marks targets, marked targets now take x% more damage on next hit.
  • Spectral Arrows – The damage dealt by Nether Archer’s Arrows is reduced by x% less than normal on subsequent bounces.

New Adept Tower

  • Flameburst Tower – Fires a flaming projectile at an enemy. When the projectile hits an enemy, it explodes, dealing magical fire damage in a small area.
    • New shard for Flameburst Tower: Gathering Burst – Flameburst Tower’s fireballs deal more damage as they move, up to + x% more damage.

New skins

  • New Mercenary Appearance – Aegis of the High King
  • New Lavamancer Skin – The Zombiemancer
  • New Mystic Skin – The Snake God Vessel
  • New Lord of the Abyss skin – Cursed Lord of the Desert
  • New Dryad Skin – Bone Dragon Battlegear
  • New Adept Skin – Firelord Adept
  • New Apprentice Skin – Forbidden Magical Apprentice

New Cosmetics

  • Tundraken head
  • Wings of the Tundra
  • Tundraken tail

New pets

  • Dino
    • Pet Ability: Jurassic Battlecry – Resets all cooldowns of hero abilities
    • Drops on Lost Dungeons maps
  • Amber Dino
    • Pet Ability: Jurassic Battlecry – Resets all cooldowns of hero abilities
    • Sold by Pet Egg Vendor
  • Haunted ship
    • Pet Ability: Tsunami – Rolls a wave dealing 3000% water damage to heroes and drenching enemies for 5 seconds
    • Drops on the Dread Island maps


  • Axes can now roll light / heavy
  • Ice Chip is now an unlocked mod
  • Orc blockade attacks have been changed to area of ​​effect
  • Head Strong removed from all stabby channels
  • Stubborn enemies can no longer be frozen

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Bots of Oil shard where the DoT fire was not functioning properly.
  • Fixed an issue with the Oily Harpoon shard where it would not apply the oil effect correctly if the ballista was matched to an item.
  • Fixed issues with Water Servo and Poison Servo where they were not granting the defense power correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with Lavamancer’s Hardening ability where it would not reflect projectiles correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Simple Talismans would not drop from Chaos 3.
  • Fixed an issue where the Depth Lord skin could not be purchased with gems.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect Hardened Servo scaling.
  • The Sticky Bomb pet ability no longer sticks to towers and nodes.
  • Fixed an issue on the Far Westival map where phasing enemies would fall through the ground in certain locations.
  • Fixed an issue with the tooltip on the Sundering Blow shard.
  • Fixed an issue with Serpent God’s Protection not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue with the Barbarian’s Leap ability where it would not go full distance under certain conditions.
  • The Mark Targets shard can now be properly equipped with the HailstormTower.
  • Changed the tooltip of the Stomp Strike chip to correctly convey its function.
  • Adjusted the power of the Inferno buff on the Forest Biome map.
  • Fixed an issue with players joining games at unexpected times.
  • Spider Web VFX updated to be more readable


We are so excited that you are playing The Mercenary and I hope you have as much fun playing it as we have had! We did a lot of testing and balancing on it, but be sure to give us your feedback through our Discord (this is the best way to do it). We will continue our work on DD2, the next update is already in preparation! There’s also work on the next Dungeon Defenders Awakened update, the PlayStation port, and more here at Chromatic Games. Stay tuned for more!

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