Disney fans are calling the new show as “Total Meme”, “Car Crash”

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When Walt Disney World Resort began making announcements regarding its 50th anniversary celebration – which officially begins on October 1, 2021 – it was clear that fans of Disney Parks had a lot to look forward to.

50th Disney World Castle
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From gorgeous decorations on Cinderella’s Castle to not one, but two new nightly shows – Harmonious from EPCOT and Disney Enchantment from Magic Kingdom – to reimagined “EARisdescent” costumes for Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and the whole gang to more collections of merchandise fans could possibly ever buy, the world’s most magical celebration of 18 months is going to be a party for the ages.

Mickey and Minnie Walt Disney World 50th
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Now, however, fans have become… concerned… with one of Disney World’s new 50th anniversary offerings. Disney’s Animal Kingdom park will be launching a daytime show called Disney KiteTails, and the preview for the show was far from enticing.

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A new meme has already started making the rounds online and has been shared by a number of Disney accounts, including the Pure Pixie Dust Instagram page. The fun meme features the concept art of KiteTails versus the new Animal Kingdom balloons, and the result is really fun.

Pure Pixie Dust captioned the meme, “What were they thinking?”

kite tails meme
Credit: Screenshot via Instagram

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JoJo Crichton took to TikTok to share a video of the KiteTails preview, complete with captions, including “The end tho” with a laughing emoji.


THIS DISNEY IS TOO COOL! Even when it doesn’t fly 😂 #disneyworld #disneycreator #animalkingdom #fyp

original sound – JoJo Crichton

Many other fans have also taken to social media to share their thoughts.

AshleyInDisneyWorld didn’t hesitate, hilariously posting:

Kite tails is the car crash i cant stop watching #wdw

Ashley also shared a hilarious photo of KiteTails’ Baloo balloon:

Did anyone else relate to Baloo Kite Tails failed on a personal level… so much feeling in this photo. How’s my life going. #disney #disney parks #wdw

Way Maker Adventures tried to be diplomatic about the situation:

I thought the harmony was great but the kite tails not so much.

Despite assurances from Disney that Disney Enchantment will “overtake” fan-favorite Happily Ever After, KiteTails “total meme” has fans like Shannon very concerned:

After Harmonius and the total meme that was KiteTails, I’m worried about watching Enchantment tomorrow. Praying this show is good because Disney is racking up disappointments lately.

Honeydew Wolf shared a similar disappointment:

The saddest thing about Disney’s Kite Tails is that so many cultures around the world make beautiful kites and fly them beautifully and Disney just said to fly normal kites on silly looking jet skis and floats at the end of the strings

Even young Disney fans aren’t thrilled with the KiteTails experience:

My 11 year old son hates KiteTails and is so bitter that Disney took out Rivers of Light and put it in it. #animalkingdom

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There is, of course, always the possibility that Walt Disney Imagineers will tweak KiteTails over time but, as of now, Disney World fans aren’t thrilled with its presentation.

More about Disney KiteTails

kitetails concept
Credit: Screenshot via Disney

The official description for KiteTails reads as follows:

Hearts and imagination will soar as incredible kites and windcatchers dance through the air to beloved Disney songs during this high-flying performance at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. Marvel at the elaborate three-dimensional kites of Simba, Zazu, King Louie, Baloo and more as they soar above the Discovery River Theater, starting October 1, 2021 in the 50th anniversary celebration of Walt Disney World Resort.

What do you think of KiteTails?

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