DEC issues safety recall for hunting | Local News

ALBANY – Small game hunting seasons are underway statewide, according to the State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Season dates, bag limits and other regulations are available in the Guide to Hunting and Trapping Regulations, which can be obtained from a licensing officer or on the CED website.

While statistics show New York City hunting is safer than ever, mistakes are made every year.

DEC believes every hunting-related shooting incident is preventable, and hunters are encouraged to use common sense this season and remember what they learned in the DEC Hunter Education Course.

m Point your gun in a safe direction.

m Treat each weapon as if it were loaded.

m Be sure of your target and beyond.

m Keep your finger away from the trigger until you are ready to fire.

In addition to the orange or pink blaze required for big game hunting with firearms, the DEC encourages small game hunters to wear orange blaze or pink blaze.

Wearing orange or pink prevents other hunters from mistaking a person for an animal or shooting in a hunter’s direction.

Hunters dressed in Blazing Orange are seven times less likely to be shot.

For more information and safety tips, visit the DEC website and watch videos on hunter safety.

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