Daniel Craig CHEATING SCANDAL with Ana De Armas is DEVASTATING on Rachel Weisz

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are true examples of friends turned couples with happy endings. The two had known each other for a long time before they got married. But is there anything to worry about when it comes to that horsepower torque? Is the news that the actor cheated true or is it just a baseless rumor? Read on to learn all about the rumor, its source, and the actress linked to James Bond fame.


Daniel Wroughton Craig, who has managed to reach common homes with his role as the infamous James Bond, has teamed up with celebrity Mummy Rachel Weisz. Apparently the two have been friends since college, but things first started to pick up when the duo reunited for a project called Dream House in early 2010. The two were spotted together for the first time. times at the end of the same year. At the time, Rachel divorced her husband for nine years Darren aronofsky and the same fate was the fate of Craig who divorced Fiona Loudon earlier in 1994, followed by the break-up with Satsuki Mitchell in 2010.

Six months of the affair was followed by the wedding in a very private ceremony attended by Marvel’s 15-year-old son fame with Darren, Craig’s daughter with Fiona and two other acquaintances of the couple. This was followed by their first appearance together at the premiere of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in Madrid. After being married for years, the couple announced their first pregnancy together in 2018 and welcomed a baby girl in September of the same year they decided to steer clear of the glamor surrounding the couple.

The rumor

So how did the rumors of the James Bond celebrity cheating on his wife suddenly come to light? Rumor has it that the Knives Out actor is cheating on his wife with Ana de Armas. Well, the source of the same can be seen as the recently released Eon production spy film by the duo named No Time To Die. The film stars Daniel as James Bond as the protagonist or lead actor in the film while Hands of Stone fame Ana De Armas stars as Paloma who assists Bond as a CIA agent. . The bond between the two in the film may have ignited the rumors of the Knives Out co-stars.

In reality

But it’s interesting that the rumor has no basis as such and could simply be seen as a simple consequence of the two being involved in the film. On top of that, the Dream House co-stars have a pretty strong bond not only with each other, but even with their daughter. Rachel in several interviews has even said that the key to their solid married life is the intimacy that the two manage to maintain between such a starry life. Additionally, Craig was also seen talking about the topic and exclaimed that the credit for keeping their privacy and thus keeping the foundation firm goes to his wife as she handles the topic in a pleasant manner. .

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