Concern over abandoned kites on Newbiggin beach

CONCERNED resident calls for action over kites ‘dumped’ in Morecambe Bay.

Edward Mudd, 48, who lives in Newbiggin, says since the easing of Covid-19 restrictions kites have been coming down to the beach and leaving a large amount of litter behind.

He believes the problem stems from a large group of kites arriving from outside the area, recalling seeing brand name taxis from Bradford, Leeds and Halifax.

The group is said to be flying kites from 8am until 6pm.

“Kites tend to fight, which is part of Hindu and Sikh religion, from what I’m led to believe, and then they get tangled up,” Edward said.

“When we came out on the sand on Sunday, about 300 yards away, there were 10 to 15 bamboo kite frames, a few hundred feet apart, all intertwined. It took me and a friend from the village about 20 minutes to transport it.

“There was a wiring string I picked up that had 13 different sets of kite wires involved – it’s 13 different kites at once and those lengths of wire go for miles and miles. kilometers. We estimate that there are 20 miles or more of cables that have been dumped into the sea.

“We have this lovely little beach at Newbiggin and they come down, fly the kites, then throw the mess in the water and disappear.

“We residents have had enough.”

Edward is concerned about the environmental impact of kites and the potential danger posed to wildlife.

“It’s just ridiculous,” Edward said. “We have wild animals there, windsurfers, children go swimming in the sea.

“It’s just a fear of wildlife, dogs or whatever, getting tangled in the kite line and struggling. The environmental impact is immense and there are large-scale waste.

Mr Mudd says he has been in contact with Cllr Ben Cooper and intends to attend a parish council meeting next month to raise the matter.

He also contacted the RSPCA and British Divers Marine Life Rescue for advice.

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