Concern about the trend in children wearing ski masks, carrying butterfly knives and threatening people

A trend in children wearing ski masks and wearing butterfly knives has been identified in Lancashire.

South Ribble Police have responded to a number of incidents involving youths threatening guns.

Officers say the behavior caused a lot of panic in the community as the knives were not shown to be actually dull.

Police are currently running a “Choose Life, Not Knife” campaign among local school children and want to get these knives off the streets in conjunction with the campaign.

Posting on social media, a police spokesperson said: ‘If your child has one, please return it to one of the local knife collection lockers at Kingsfold Community Center or Leyland Police Station. .

“We ask parents to check that children do not use these public spaces.

“We will use knife sticks locally to research knives or similar offensive weapons.

“Anyone using any of these products in a threatening manner will be treated and this could lead to a criminal record.

“The purpose of this article is to educate parents and young people about it and to prevent crime.

“We want to remove as many knives and offensive weapons as possible from our streets.”

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