Citizens Theater and Good Chance Theater invite Glasgow residents to join the kite festival

On Saturday August 20, 2022, marking one year after the fall of Kabul, Good Chance Theater (creators of The Jungle and The Walk with Amal) in collaboration with partners across the UK and Europe, including the Citizens Theater , will launch Fly With Me, a one-day multi-city kite festival. Fly With Me invites people around the world to build and fly their own kite in an epic act of solidarity and welcome to the people of Afghanistan – and all who seek refuge.

Over 20 cities and towns in 6 countries will host Fly With Me events, including Manchester, Bradford, Scunthorpe, London, Dover, Folkestone, Pas-de-Calais, Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin and Glasgow, where the Citizens Theater will proudly host a kite event on Glasgow Green in conjunction with members of Glasgow’s Afghan community, following a program of community workshops with local groups and individuals. The event will bring people together to celebrate and preserve Afghan culture through the simple joy of kiting and will call for equal and fair treatment of all people seeking safety, including those from Afghanistan.

Over the next few weeks, local groups including Standing Tall Arts, YCSA (Youth Community Support Agency) and The Barn Youth and Community Center will be working with Citizens Theater and the Fly With Me team, Feroz Khan and Elena Mary Harris, to find out more about and make kites which will then take to the skies at an event in Glasgow Green on Saturday 20 August.

Catrin Evans, Head of Creative Learning at Citizens Theatre, said: “Citizens Theater has a rich history of sharing stories of migration and fighting for refugee justice. Most recently we collaborated with Good Chance Theater when Little Amal came to Glasgow during COP26 and we are very proud to work with them again on Fly With Me, which brings our attention to Afghanistan and extends solidarity to refugees of the whole world. On August 20, our community event will focus on the literal and metaphorical beauty of flight; explore how kites can soar above so many boundaries that have been created around people on earth, reminding us of the freedom so many seek. In Glasgow, solidarity and welcome are often enacted by the community and we hope our event can be part of that spirit of resistance alongside celebration.”

A kite-making workshop, open to all, will take place in Glasgow Green from 12pm to 1.30pm before the main kite event. Places for this workshop are limited and must be reserved in advance. Seats are available to book on

People of all ages are then invited to gather from 1:30 p.m. as the kites take off shortly before 2 p.m. in a visual display of solidarity with Afghanistan and to celebrate Afghan culture. Live music and information stands will also be present throughout the afternoon.

Members of the public are welcome to bring their own kites to the event. A free kite-making pack, made available by Good Chance Theater, can be downloaded here. Each pack comes with instructions and tips and is available in Arabic, Dari, English, French, Pashto and Ukrainian.

Fly With Me was developed to draw attention to the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. In the UK, more than 12,000 Afghan refugees are still housed in inadequate temporary accommodation, unable to cook for themselves and without the support needed to find work or more permanent accommodation. The last time the Taliban were in power, they banned kites along with many other forms of expression. Kites are symbols of freedom.

“During the 20th century, the Afghan flag has been changed 19 times – more than any other nation on earth. My country’s colors have been painted, wiped, repainted and then wiped again 15 times since I was born. But we have always fly kites. colors change but our skies are the same. let’s fly away and remember that the flag of Afghanistan has once again been erased. Elham Ehsas, actor (Kite Runner, Homeland) and co-creator of Fly With Me

For more information on Good Chance Theater and the full Fly With Me project, visit:®id=57&articlelink=https%3A%2F%2Fwww .goodchance

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