bag kit producers looking for fit men to embody Napoleon’s army | People

The makers of ‘Kitbag’ are looking for ultra-fit extras to represent Napoleon’s army.

Ridley Scott’s historical drama will star Joaquin Phoenix and Jodie Comer, and movie bosses would be lying in a training camp where tough guys can prove their worth.

Hopes have also been urged to grow their hair and beards out before filming begins early next year in order to achieve the “period look”.

The producers of ‘Kitbag’ say in an advertisement: “All are required to attend vigorous training at the military training camp in this historically accurate period exercise.”

The top contender would be asked to return for more high-profile appearances in the film – which stars Joaquin as French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte – in February and March.

The cast adds: “We will train you but it is essential that you are in good physical shape – ideally suited for athletes.”

Jodie will play Napoleon’s passionate lover, Josephine, in the film – slated for release in 2023 – and sources have said it would be the hottest role yet for the “Killing Eve” actress.

A source told The Sun’s Weird column: “Jodie has played sexy roles before, but nothing like that, it really pushes the boundaries. But she felt it was right for the character and put it on the safe side. off guard.”

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