Apartment Search Underway for Incoming Refugees in Green Bay Area | WFRV Local 5

ALLOUEZ, Wisconsin (WFRV) – When you’re a refugee, finding an apartment comes with challenges.

“They don’t have a typical rental history,” explained Kory Krauss, director of financial health services for Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Green Bay, “they don’t have a credit report, they don’t. have no local work history. “

People in Catholic charities are responding to these challenges.

“We help them with whatever they need,” Krauss said. “We’re even available to help them figure out where they’re going to get the money for the rent and stuff.

So far, 13 refugees have been brought to the Green Bay area.

Catholic charities provided them with temporary accommodation until a more permanent solution could be found.

“It’s important to get them to a place where it’s like, ‘Okay at least six months or a year, this is my home. This is where I’m going to be. I can start to know my community, I can start to know how to get places, ”Krauss said. “So getting them to relocate so that they can feel confident where they are, I think that will be really helpful. “

Useful for navigating this next chapter.

“They’re ready to be like ‘Okay, where am I going to work? Where am I going to live? How to succeed here? How to turn the page of my life and start over, ”Krauss said.

To start over, Krauss says they need a place to start.

“[We’re] especially looking for one bedroom, two bedrooms, three bedrooms and four bedrooms, ”he said, adding that Catholic Charities officials accompany refugees to apartments they find, allowing them to choose where they live.

In a year, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Green Bay hopes to have 125 refugees settled in the area.

“We’re going to have bigger families very, very soon,” Krauss said. “We don’t know the exact schedule, but we expect a family of six and a family of 12 to arrive very soon.”

Once there, Krauss says finding accommodation will only be the beginning.

“By helping them connect with places where they can learn English if they have little or no English, it will connect children with schools when these families arrive, it will help them know how to use all of them. devices in their apartment, knowing how renting works in Green Bay… what do they need to know locally to be good tenants, ”said Krauss.

Catholic Charities also collects food and clothing for new refugees.


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