Angelina Jolie’s obsession with knives began long before her role as Lara Croft

Be it her acting ability, striking beauty, or relationship history, Angelina Jolie is famous for many reasons. The media dissected his personal life for more than two decades. However, despite all the talk about Jolie, there’s one thing you might not know about her. The 47-year-old has always been fascinated by knives.

Jolie’s mother inspired her interest in blades. The Salt The actor continued the family history by teaching one of his children how to appreciate these guns safely.

Angelina Jolie Mastered the Blade as We Watched All of Her Movies

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life star Angelina Jolie in 2003 | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The Knives were previously involved in a particular story about Jolie’s love life. But his interest in objects goes much further. The Eternals The actor has an extensive collection of knives. Although the total size and contents of the collection are not known to the public, it is clear that Jolie spent a lot of time and money collecting them.

A staple of his collection includes balisong butterfly knives handmade by the late Darrel Ralph, who died in 2021. These blades took months to create and are listed on Arizona Custom Knives as typically costing between $1,000 and $2,000. $ per knife.

On an even higher scale are the luxury folding knives from William Henry. Designed to look like high-end jewelry and serve as functional tools, these knives are made with natural materials, advanced alloys and rare metals. According to JR Dunn, it takes more than 30 craftsmen over seven months to make a single blade. On average, they cost between $1,200 and $1,300. But the more expensive ones, which you can see on Henry’s website, will set you back $12,000. Oh, the rabbit holes you can go down when you’re worth millions of dollars.

Angelina Jolie’s fascination with knives was born out of a family bond

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Her choice of roles gives Jolie the path to learning a lot about weapons. However, her interest in knives was sparked by time spent with her mother, the late actress Marcheline Bertrand. They often went to Renaissance fairs together, where a young Jolie was struck by the designs of the various blades and began collecting them at the age of 11.

Jolie explained her hobby in an old interview with Conan O’Brien, which you can see above. “It brings back the story. There’s just something beautiful about them and [the traditions] from different countries with different weapons or blades. There’s just something beautiful about them to me,” she said. Jolie continues to do impressive tricks with a butterfly knife that Conan just had on his desk.

This isn’t the only time knives have been used to cultivate his celebrity persona. During a photoshoot with famed photographer George Holz, Jolie improvised and brought a large kitchen knife with her to the set. Despite the strangeness of the situation, Holz told the New York Post that he never worried about Jolie hurting herself.

“Angelina was not afraid. I was not afraid that she would cut herself; it didn’t cross my mind,” he said. “She’s a pissed off person. I don’t think the editor was there for that. She would have had a heart attack.

Jolie teaches her children to appreciate knives

Knife fandom is a new family tradition in the Jolie household. In a 2008 profile for W Magazine, Jolie revealed that her son Maddox, who was seven at the time, was developing his own fondness for daggers and that she bought her boy beginner knives.

The idea of ​​a parent buying potential weapons for their young child was understandably controversial in some quarters, but Jolie was keen to say the blades were so dull that Maddox couldn’t hurt herself or anyone else.

Each purchase also came with a conversation about violence and responsibility. As the actor said, “We talk about samurai and the idea of ​​defending someone that good. We talk about everything.”

It is certainly a strange scenario. But every family has quirks. Some people pass on recipes. Jolie passed on knives. It’s OK as long as no one gets hurt.

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