AHARI launches the Armenian Chronicles: A Living History

PROVIDENCE, RI – A letter to the Armenian community in Rhode Island begins: “Our personal stories shape us. Like ocean currents, they influence every stage of our life… especially when we give them words. The story of the Armenian people is a story of resilience through glory and tragedy. It is a story that deserves to be preserved, not only to understand us better, but also as a gift for those who are not yet born.

Thereupon, the Armenian Historical Association of Rhode Island (AHARI) announced the launch of “Armenian Chronicles: A Living History”. The intention of the research initiative is to preserve the stories of the Armenian people of Rhode Island through films, photographs, letters and interviews while it is still possible.

“Every Armenian family in RI has an important story to tell, and we would love to hear yours! the committee is enthusiastic about its promotional material. If you have a story about your Armenian ancestors, if this is how and when they came to Rhode Island, or if they belonged to a particular village or a benevolent organization, or the story behind a precious antiquity brought from the homeland, or thoughts on their resilience, or pictures, diaries, letters or other keepsakes from your archives, AHARI would love to hear from you.

Their desire is to create a culture of sharing so that a collective history of Armenians in IR can be documented and supported. Articles can be scanned and sent to AHARI or a scanning assistance session can be scheduled via email [email protected]. The group also created a community questionnaire accessible through its website: ahari.clubexpress.com.

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