Actor Shahab Ali’s Next Goal: Buying a House

Actor Shahab Ali played the role of Sajid in “The Family Man”

Actor Shahab Ali is said to play the role of Sajid in The family man changed his life. In an interview with Humans of Bombay, Shahab Ali revealed that his father died when he was 21 and had just entered Delhi University. “Abbu used to repair watches and sell kites, so even as a kid, I helped him after school. And then when I was in grade 9, I opened my own deer shop. – steering wheels, ”Shahab said. “But Abbu’s disappearance shook us.”

His father left behind a family of four, and as an older brother all the responsibilities fell on Shahab. He attended college during the day and worked at his kite stand at night.

In college, Shahab was introduced to the theater and found his true calling. He knew he wanted to play, he was the happiest on stage. At the same time, he realized that he needed to support his family and therefore accepted a job in journalism. “But when I was in the field, interviewing people, I realized that was not my calling; I just wanted to play!” he said.

Shahab then went to his mother and told her he wanted to keep playing seriously, assuring her that he would quit for a regular 9-5 job if nothing worked in three years. After two attempts, he obtained a scholarship to the National School of Dramatic Art and, during the following three years, devoted himself entirely to the profession of actor.

Two roles gave him much needed stability. “I landed a role in India’s first musical Zangoora; I was ecstatic! And soon after, another musical, Mughal-e-Azam followed,” Shahab said. He was able to buy his mother the gold bracelets she had sold to pay for her husband’s treatment.

“That day we both cried. And then I closed my kite stand. It was bittersweet; this stand had helped me in my days of distress, but at the same time , it was like the start of a new chapter. “

Shahab, although he wanted to be an actor, did not go to Mumbai until his responsibilities in Delhi were fulfilled. When his sister got married and his brother finished his studies, he moved to Mumbai and attended an audition for The family man.

“The hearing went well, but I waited a month for a response,” Shahab said. He was constantly on edge during that month, but it was worth it when he got the script with his name on it. “I was delighted,” says the actor.

The show became a huge success and gave Shahab the opportunity to work with Manoj Bajpayee, but he says the real validation for him came with the sparkle in his mother’s eyes every time someone praised. its performance.

Shahab Ali currently lives in a rehabilitation settlement with his mother, and his next goal is to buy a house.

“I am always rejected, but my mantra is simple, ‘I have nothing to lose, but so much to gain.’ And that’s what brought me here today, ”he says.

Shahab Ali’s interview was hailed as inspiring by fans on social media.


“Your performance in Family Man was exceptional. Best wishes to you on your way to the right acting!” said another.

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