A children’s book teaches a lesson in forgiveness

The golden kite

Sandy Jarvis

Sandy Jarvis

Sandy Jarvis’ story follows two friends who discover “The Golden Kite”

NEW YORK CITY, USA, March 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Getting kids to share their toys is one of the toughest jobs for parents. Likewise, mending hurt feelings as a result of arguments or disagreements is another accomplishment. For children, learning to share and to forgive are important developmental milestones. These will help children cultivate and strengthen their friendships. With her beautifully illustrated picture book, Sandy Jarvis helps parents and children through the tale “The Golden Kite”.

The story follows young furry friends who argue over the titular kite. Benjamin and Stanley find it in Lenny’s secret hideout and wish to play with it themselves, so they take it for themselves. Benjamin is quite satisfied as he has outsmarted Lenny and now the others can have fun flying Lenny’s kite through the woods. They have an incredible experience playing with the kite and learning how flight, wind and lift work.

Of course, Lenny isn’t too happy when he finds out. And those who have taken the kite are not very careful when playing with it. The situation escalates, the young people’s disagreement about the kite leads to hurt feelings and the possibility of ruining friendships. To save their friendships, they must learn to be honest and forgive each other.

“The book is designed to encourage children, not to give up on their dreams. And to be honest with others.” Jarvis said. Her story is a charming, illustrated description of common childhood conflicts, which children will need to learn to deal with in order to preserve their friendships and grow as kind, emotionally resilient individuals. “My story offers a fun and simple way to introduce children to early childhood science and the value of friendship.”

These moral lessons are also accompanied by a description of the simple joys of kite flying, a hobby that many young people these days might overlook as they focus on video games, phones, gadgets and the like. indoor activities. Jarvis also shows the pleasure of wide open spaces and the leisure activities that can be practiced there.

About the Author
Sandy Jarvis resides in New York. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and has won numerous poetry awards and has published a children’s book called “King Maestro and Chuck”, which is available on Amazon.com. Jarvis is also publishing “Dolly, the Singing Train” which will be released in January 2022. His publishing journey includes short stories for young children. She is happily married to Ernst Rosemond in Queens.

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