A 15-year-old Victorian teenager has been branded a hero after saving the life of a kitesurfer

A Victorian teenager has been elevated to hero status after saving the life of a kitesurfer.

Bianca Stranger, 15, was sitting at home when she received a call from her police officer father saying he needed her help.

Several calls had come in about a kitesurfer in distress who had been washed out to sea in Parkdale, Melbourne’s southeast.

“I was just at home and then dad called me and said ‘there’s a man in the water, we don’t know his situation, if he’s tangled in his gear or what’s going on. going on,'” Ms. Stranger said.

With her lifesaving training behind her, Ms. Stranger rushed to help.

“I just ran, I wasn’t thinking too much, just go over to him and make sure he’s okay,” she told Today on Sunday.

The brave teenager’s father, Murray Stranger, heard calls for the man to be rescued urgently by police radio.

“I heard the work on the radio and it sounded pretty terrible,” he said.

After being informed that the water police vessel had been missing for some time, Mr. Stranger called his daughter to rescue the man.

“The weather was bad, the water temperature was extremely cold and I heard that the water police, the nearest ship is 40 minutes away,” he said.

“It sounded pretty bad from the reports and there had been a few calls about her, so I thought I’d better call Bianca.”

Mr Stranger said his daughter ‘didn’t hesitate’.

While the Melbourne dad said he was “always” proud of his brave daughter, he paid tribute to the coaches and trainers at Victoria Lifesaving for the “countless hours of training” given to children like Bianca.

“It’s really all the training the coaches put into these youngsters,” he said.

“It’s a real credit to them.”

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