4chan users claim they hacked Hunter Biden’s iCloud account

JThe contents of Hunter Biden’s iCloud account were allegedly hacked by users from the 4chan community, where screenshots claiming to be from his phone and computer were posted on their main political forum late Saturday night.

Administrators of the image board site moved quickly within hours of posting the content to remove threads containing material from the alleged leak, leaving many on the site, which is known to feature some of the most salacious topics on the internet, furious.


The contents of the leak could not be immediately verified by the Washington Examinerand a White House representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

It was also not immediately clear whether the content of the 4chan leak included elements of young Biden’s infamous laptop, which the Washington Examiner verified the authenticity of earlier this year. The infamous laptop, which emerged into public view in the final weeks of the 2020 election, contains details of the first son’s financial dealings and personal affairs.

Hunter Biden’s financial affairs, including millions of dollars in transactions and money transfers tied to countries including Ukraine, China and Russia, have been under federal scrutiny since 2018. Hunter Biden, who disclosed the existence of an investigation into his tax affairs after the 2020 election, which previously claimed to be “100% certain”, he will be cleared of any wrongdoing.

The Washington Examiner was able to confirm the laptop’s legitimacy after obtaining a copy of the first son’s hard drive and having it examined by a former Secret Service agent who testified as a cybercrime expert in more than 100 classified cases , criminal and civil state, federal and international levels.

Konstantinos “Gus” Dimitrelos conducted a full forensic examination to determine the authenticity of the drive and if there were any signs of tampering. Using a technique he developed called a “digital sandwich”, Dimitrelos sifted through thousands of emails, documents, business records, text messages, Apple Notes, photos, geolocation data, travel records and other reader information to conclude that Biden is the only person capable of producing the data.

“My analysis revealed that there is 100% certainty that Robert Hunter Biden was the sole person responsible for the activity on this hard drive and all of its stored data,” Dimitrelos told the Washington Examiner in May. “Hunter Biden’s MacBook Pro was not hacked and the data on the hard drive is genuine. Based on the data I have reviewed, there has been no manipulation of photos, emails, documents or other user activities.”


Drive records reviewed by Dimitrelos show that Hunter Biden’s iCloud account was syncing his personal data with his MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad when he last used the computer in March 2019. Other records show the Apple ID account of Hunter Biden, who is used to sign across Apple services, has been paired with 46 different devices since 2011, including more than 20 iPhones, eight Mac computers, nine iPads and three Apple TVs, Dimitrelos said.

It is unclear whether this latest leak, which claims to be from young Biden’s iCloud, is from the same account logged into the hard drive that was verified by the Washington Examiner.

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