2 ATV riders seriously injured after crash on 5th Street in Hunting Park

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Two men riding an ATV have been seriously injured and face leg amputations after police say they ran a red light and were hit by an SUV.

It happened at 7:30 p.m. Thursday on 5th Street near Hunting Park Avenue in the city’s Hunting Park neighborhood.

The incident was fully captured on dashcam video by a motorist which showed nearly 100 ATVs and dirt bikes driving north on 5th Street.

Moments later, police say one of the ATVs manned by two men ran through a red light and was hit by a white Chevy Tahoe traveling west on Hunting Park.

“The front of this vehicle struck the ATV and dragged it about 50 feet westbound. And threw the two men who were on the ATV out of the vehicle where we found them in the 500 block of Hunting Park “, said the police. Chief Inspector Scott Small of the Philadelphia Police Department.

The impact seriously injured the 23- and 18-year-old men riding the ATV.

Officials say one of the victims could lose both legs while the other could lose one leg.

Both victims were rushed by paramedics to Temple University Hospital and remain in critical condition.

Youth riding ATVs and dirt bikes through the city continues to be a major problem, police say.

“It’s not street legal, it’s got no license plate, it’s not registered, no turn signals, and they were driving north on 5th street with a group of other ATVs and other dirt bikes,” Small said.

Video of the accident made the rounds among other ATV riders in the community.

“I’m praying for the guys. I hope their families stay strong,” said an ATV rider named Jay.

He says the crash struck a chord with ATV and dirt bike riders.

“People are still going to ride. For now, people are going to be very cautious knowing that something just happened like this,” he said.

Jay admits that many people who ride ATVs and dirt bikes on the streets of Philadelphia do so recklessly, putting themselves and others in danger.

“As I said, not all of us drive stupid. Some people love doing tricks, but others see it as reckless,” Jay said.

He says some of them prefer to drive in vacant parking lots, but eventually the cops move in.

So far, no charges have been filed against the driver of the SUV.

But charges are pending against the ATV driver.

No other injuries were reported.

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